Beyond Aesthetics: Why Weed Control is Crucial on Your Illinois Commercial Property

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Kim Riebel on Aug 19, 2014 8:50:00 AM

Beyond Aesthetics: Why Weed Control is Crucial on Your Illinois Commercial PropertyYou hate finding weeds on your Illinois commercial landscape. Weeds are a thorn in your side, and eliminating them is a frustrating, ongoing struggle because they are proficient spreaders if you don’t catch them early enough.

In addition crashing a landscape party they weren’t invited to and then never leaving, most weeds are ugly, too: pointy, shabby shapes, unusual leaves, unsightly blooms and overall messy appearances. Put simply, they’re blemishes on the otherwise perfect landscape picture. They ruin a smooth, soft, lush, emerald carpet of turf with an unsightly and usually contagious mess. They invade landscape beds full of color and steal attention away from the more beautiful blooms.

But there are other reasons beyond aesthetics that weed control is crucial to your commercial property’s landscape. Here are a few of the reasons weed control is vital on any landscape.

Weeds Steal Nutrients From Desirable Plants

A weed is defined as a plant that is growing in a place where it’s not wanted. And weeds are thieves. They steal water, sunlight and soil nutrients, overpowering other more desirable plants.

Strong weeds can deplete soil nutrients and moisture that would otherwise be available to the other plants or turf nearby.

Weeds Crowd Desirable Plants

Some weeds are less noticeable than others because they aren’t aggressive and blend in with the surrounding plants. But others are distinctly destructive, overtaking areas in a single growing season, leaving it unattractive and sparse. These are known as invasive weeds.

If insects and diseases don’t touch them, then not much is keeping them from continuing on their damaging path.

Weeds Can Cause Allergies and Health Issues

Some weeds like ragweed, which grows in the East and Midwest from August until November, can release a pollen that can cause allergy symptoms in many people. The symptoms include sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy throat and sometimes even asthma.

Pollen levels from ragweed are usually highest in mid-September.

Left Untreated, Weeds Can Cost A Lot to Eliminate

Staying on top of weed control, especially in a sustainable, effective way, takes regular scouting and treatment. When left to their own devices, weeds can run rampant, crowding out favorable plants. When a project manager tries to eliminate them, it can take a lot more work and money at this point, and favorable plants may even need to be replaced, which adds to the cost.

Be Green & Weed Free!

Weeds out of control on your Illinois commercial property? Sebert Landscaping can help. We use integrated pest management, a sustainable, cost-effective approach, and other environmentally based tools to prevent and minimize weeds.

Give us a call at 630-497-1000 or use our simple contact form. And if you want more great landscape tips, be sure to sign up for our blog!

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