How Much Mulch Do I Need On My Commercial Property?

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Kim Riebel on Feb 25, 2015 4:45:00 PM

How much mulch do I need on my commercial property? That all depends.As you’re planning and budgeting spring landscape maintenance projects for your commercial property, you might be wondering, “How much mulch do I need — really?”

We like to give straight answers to questions about your commercial landscape maintenance needs, but there are always variables to consider and we want to help you understand what factors impact your mulch estimate.

To find out, you’ll literally have to go deeper than measuring the square footage of mulched areas on your Chicago grounds to figure out yardage and cost of mulch. While measuring the square footage of bed space and tree rings is the first critical part of determining how much mulch your commercial property needs, what’s equally important is how much mulch is already on those beds.

Read on to find out how much mulch you really need (yes, there is such a thing as too much), and why applying the appropriate amount of mulch is so important for sustaining the health of your trees, plants and the soil that lies beneath.

Measurements For Landscape Beds That Need Mulch

The most obvious step to figuring out how much mulch you need for your Chicago commercial property is to measure the landscape beds and determine the square footage of all mulched spaces.

Don’t forget tree rings. You’d be surprised how much mulch it takes to fill out tree rings that circle oaks or any generous sized trees in your landscape.

Mulch Depth: At Least 2–3 Inches

Square footage of mulched areas is one factor playing into how much mulch is needed to cover landscape beds. Equally important is how much mulch is already in those beds.

If there is no mulch at all, you’ll need to count on applying at least 2 inches, and up to 3 inches of mulch. If you are refreshing mulch, you may only need a 1-inch layer of material.

So, if you think about it, you might need twice as much mulch to cover a bed adequately if it’s lacking material now.

How Much Mulch Do I Need? More Is Not Better

Two to three inches of mulch should be sufficient for protecting your plants.A 2- to 3-inch depth of mulch is sufficient for preserving soil moisture and suppressing weeds. This translates to an optimal growing environment for plants and trees.

More mulch is not better. A 4-inch deep layer of mulch (or more) can prevent water from seeping into soil and reaching roots. Excessive mulch also suffocates plants because not enough oxygen can penetrate the root system.

You won’t notice plant decline overnight, but gradually the thick mulch will stop vital nutrients from reaching roots and plants will suffer. If you want to apply a fresh layer of mulch but there’s already a thick cover on your landscape beds, we recommend removing some of the material first.  

Mulch Preserves Your Chicago Commercial Property

Mulch is highly beneficial for your commercial landscape because it helps soil retain moisture and nutrients, inhibits weed germination and growth, and stabilizes the soil temperature. Mulch can protect plant roots during frigid Chicago winters, and protect trees and flowers during hot, dry months.

By applying the proper amount of mulch — 2 to 3 inches — you’ll keep your landscape healthy. Not to mention, mulch enhances the appearance of landscape beds and areas surrounding trees.

Learn more about ways to preserve your landscape investment and make the best use of materials like mulch by contacting Sebert at (630) 497-1000. Or, fill out our simple web contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you.  

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