It’s Time To Plan Your Fall Seasonal Color! Our Favorites For 2014

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Kim Riebel on Sep 19, 2014 3:33:00 PM

It’s Time To Plan Your Fall Seasonal Color! Our Favorites For 2014It’s that time of year again.

You can see the change in the schedules of your employees and tenants at the commercial properties you manage: Summer vacations are over. Children have gone back to school. Everyone is juggling drop-off and pickup routines, as well as managing homework and earlier bedtimes.

You can also feel it in the air: There’s a cool breeze. Temperatures have dropped. Everyone’s talking about apple picking and pumpkin patches.

And, soon, you’ll see it in the leaves that start to change color from bright greens to red, orange, gold and even purple.

That’s right, fall is on its way. A great time of transition. With the change of the seasons comes a whole new palette of color for your Chicago commercial landscape. Sebert Landscaping just started installing its fall color this week!

Here is a look at our favorite fall color ideas for 2014.

Pansies And Violas

Sebert_-_PansyIt’s Time To Plan Your Fall Seasonal Color! Our Favorites For 2014Talk about color. Pansies come in a kaleidoscope of hues, from soft whites and golden yellows to bold oranges, radiant reds, baby blues and pretty purples. Solid-shade pansies can deliver impact, as well as others that deliver blends of contrasting and complementing colors for dynamic drama and dimension.

Violas compete with pansies for attention. From cool colors to hot hues, they offer long-lasting and intense fall color.


With mums, a beloved flower that instantly signals the return of fall, Sebert Landscaping embraces a refined palette of reds, oranges, yellows and purples. We prefer the mid- to late-season bloomers, which bring color in October.

Many summer annuals can still look good through September, so we choose these varieties to help extend that color during the autumn season.

Kales, Cabbages And Other Textures

We like accent plants like cabbages and kales that come in vivid shades to accompany fall flowers, adding additional color and incredible texture.

A great accent perennial is Agastache, which has a pinkish-purple flower and airy feel.

Also hot right now are edibles like sage, basil and dill, for different scents and scenes in fall containers.

The Power of Purple

Typically, what’s popular in fashion also becomes prevalent in landscape beds. We look to Pantone’s popular color of the year to find out what will be hot in clothing and flower shades. This year, it’s radiant orchid—an expressive, creative and embracing purple.

Pansies, violas, mums and cabbage and kale all come in this vivid violet shade, so there are many ways to incorporate it into commercial landscapes this fall.

It also looks great accented with oranges and reds.

Let’s Talk Fall Color

Many of our clients give us free creative reign so we can design dynamic and trendy beds and containers to invigorate commercial landscapes in the fall. Need some autumn color to wake up your Chicagoland commercial landscape?

Give Sebert Landscaping a call at 630-497-1000 or use our simple contact form to learn more. In the meantime, for more landscape tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog.

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Written by Kim Riebel

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