The 5 Best Enhancements For Your Illinois HOA Common Areas

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Kim Riebel on Sep 18, 2015 5:00:00 AM

best HOA enhancements chicago illinoisThe appearance of common areas in your Chicago homeowners association (HOA) sets the tone for your entire property.

The upkeep of landscape beds, condition of the lawn, health of trees and plants—every component of your landscape contributes to a polished, professional look.

Where is your HOA falling short?

During seasonal landscape assessments, we conduct walk-throughs with property managers and identify areas of the HOA that can be enhanced to increase the value of the property.

The investment you make in keeping up HOA common areas can influence the price of residences, occupancy rates and the property’s reputation in the community. So, it really pays to take care of those common areas.

For all these reasons, we recommend reviewing the common spaces to consider these 5 best HOA enhancements.

#1 Dormant Pruning

We know, pruning is not exactly a “wow factor” enhancement—at least it doesn’t seem that way. But training and taming plant and tree growth habits is an important landscape maintenance task that directly affects the appearance of landscape beds, your grounds—the entire property.

Dormant pruning helps keep plants the size the designer intended. You’ve seen overgrown properties. They look uncared for.

Dormant pruning can take years off of a landscape if it’s aging because it keeps plant growth under control and preserves the crisp, fresh look the landscape had when it was brand-new.

#2 Tend To Drainage Issues

Landscape drainage issues can cause a number of problems. For one, standing water or soggy spots on your property compromises plant health and creates an environment that is attractive for insects and disease.

Also, when drainage concerns are not addressed, water can actually enter buildings and cause damage (and frustrate homeowners).

A commercial landscape contractor can identify drainage concerns on HOA common areas—such as man-made hills built for privacy that may actually be trapping water onto the property. Grading, downspouts and other common drainage culprits can be examined and improved.

#3 Care For Plants And Trees

5 best HOA enhancements for common areas illinoisWe know this sounds obvious, but attention to plant and tree care will preserve your investment in the landscape and ensure that HOA common areas look their best.

Plant health care includes what we call “cultural practices,” such as proper watering and providing nutrients. Pruning and protecting plants and trees is also important.

We have a handy plant health care primer here you can review for ideas. [link to plant health care tips article that is not yet online]

#4 Replace Failing Plants

Spruce up HOA common areas by taking inventory of plants, and replacing those that cannot be “rehabbed” with basic plant health care (watering, feeding, pruning).

Select seasonal annuals to update the space; or change out tired perennials and install more of the same long-lasting plants that bloom season after season.

A few failing plants in a landscape bed can drag down the entire space. But it’s easy and inexpensive to install some new plants and essentially refurbish your landscape beds.

#5 Add A Fresh Layer Of Mulch

Mulch makes plants pop out of the landscape—it acts as the canvas in beds, and it also creates clean lines and functions to suppress weed growth.

Over summer, mulch fades in the sun and can disperse during storms and wind. We recommend refreshing mulch on an annual basis.

Simple Landscape Maintenance Drives Value To Your HOA

The five best HOA enhancements we recommend suit a limited budget yet can make a big impact on your Chicago HOA’s common areas. Tune in to the condition of these gathering spaces on your property.

People want to enjoy the outdoors, so provide them with beautiful, park-like spaces to relax, cook out, walk and play.

Want to take these simple enhancements to the next level at your HOA? Let’s talk more. Call us any time at 630.497.1000, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Written by Kim Riebel

Kim Riebel

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