Top Commercial Landscape Trends For 2015

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Kim Riebel on Dec 4, 2014 5:08:00 PM

Top Commercial Landscape Trends For 2015Another brand new year will be here before we know it.

And that means Chicago commercial property managers are finalizing their budgets for 2015. As they review their landscape needs, they may realize their spaces could use some renovations to bring the properties up-to-date. In the process, progressing with sustainable solutions that provide long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, smart and efficient enhancements can also save money. What’s not to love about adding vitality to the landscape, being green and remaining budget conscious?

As you look around your commercial property, wondering what would give your space the right kind of face lift or maintenance upgrade, consider these hot commercial landscape trends for 2015.

Commercial Landscape Trend #1: Native Plants And Prairies

A continued focus on sustainability means commercial property managers want native, drought-tolerant plants that are low maintenance.

Bringing back native prairies is a big trend on Chicago commercial properties. They attract more butterflies and bees and are overall better for the environment. And while there’s an upfront cost to restoring a native prairie, the long-term maintenance costs are less than using annual color.

Commercial Landscape Trend #2: Reducing Water Waste

Top Commercial Landscape Trends For 2015In addition to restoring native prairies to be more environmentally conscious, commercial property managers also want to use less water overall in the landscape, conserving a precious resource and saving money.

By installing a more efficient irrigation system with smarter features, a property manager becomes greener and more water conscious. It’s all about doing something today to conserve for tomorrow.

Commercial Landscape Trend #3: Reducing Landscape Inputs

In the same way commercial properties are reducing water waste and using more native plants, they are also reducing their landscape inputs, including chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

The use of more organic products and integrated pest management, a sustainable, cost-effective approach to prevent or minimize pest infestations, helps keep properties looking their best while putting less harsh chemicals into the landscape.

Commercial Landscape Trend #4: Fashionable Color

Top Commercial Landscape Trends For 2015Want to know what the latest plant color trends are? Look to fashion.

The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2015 predicts hues are moving toward the cooler, softer side of the color spectrum. They describe it as taking cue from nature with soft, cool shades and subtle warm tones, creating soothing “quiet zones” to disconnect and unwind from technology and the everyday hustle and bustle. Colors they are highlighting include aquamarine, classic blue, scuba blue, lucite green, strawberry ice, tangerine and toasted almond.

Following these trends, Sebert Landscaping is using more blues and purples in Chicago commercial landscapes. Think of a watercolor palette instead of a bold red and yellow palette. Aubergine — a deep purple — is also a hot color for not only fall, but spring as well.

Sebert Landscaping Knows Commercial Landscape Trends

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Written by Kim Riebel

Kim Riebel

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