How Far In Advance Should You Plan Your Commercial Property Maintenance Services?

Posted by Kim Riebel on Sep 29, 2015 5:00:00 AM

We live in an instant gratification world, where we want results now. That includes the meal we chose at a restaurant, the Amazon order we placed a minute ago, even the promotion we’re hoping for at work.

We get it—waiting is frustrating.

We admit, at Sebert we’re also guilty of wanting results now, especially when we are planting native landscapes and we can’t wait to see how the new surroundings will impact a commercial property’s ecology. Or, when we have a landscape design plan that’s truly special and we just can’t wait to complete it so we can turn that vision into a reality.

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How To Prevent Winter Burn On Your Illinois Commercial Property

Posted by Kim Riebel on Jan 2, 2015 8:00:00 AM

As we head into winter and prepare for a season of snow and cold, you might be wondering how to protect your evergreen trees from the extreme weather conditions.

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How Much Salt To Use For Snow And Ice: Is Too Much A Bad Thing?

Posted by Kim Riebel on Dec 26, 2014 5:30:00 AM

Every time winter rolls around, many of our commercial snow removal clients want to know how much salt to use for snow on their properties during inclement winter weather conditions. We understand that once the “white stuff” starts flying or weather reports predict a snow event, you’re expecting to see salt trucks and plows on your property. You might be wondering if your commercial snow removal contractor is applying enough salt. Or, if you spot piles of excess salt on walkways, you could be thinking, “Why so much salt? What a waste.”

This article will explain why less is more when it comes to salt—but there’s a catch. At Sebert Landscaping, we know that using less salt means taking a progressive approach to snow and ice control. We apply formulas and use techniques that are more environmentally friendly while maximizing the product’s use (and your budget).

Basically, we want salt to work harder for longer, and cost you less.  

Yes, it is possible to use less salt and do a more effective job at controlling snow and ice. This article will explain some of the latest ice control techniques we use to keep our commercial snow removal clients’ Illinois commercial properties in the clear during winter.

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What is the Best Ice Melt Product? Calcium Chloride vs Sodium Chloride

Posted by Kim Riebel on Dec 17, 2014 3:36:00 PM

Salt is salt, right? Well, not exactly — at least in the snow and ice management world. Many of our clients want to know what type of ice-melting products are most effective.

You might have read about different types of salt: Calcium chloride and sodium chloride are the two biggies for melting ice. But what does that mean for your commercial property here in Chicagoland? What’s the best ice melt product to use in each situation?

There's a nationwide ice shortage heading into this winter, and that will affect how you prepare your property. But we know that safety is the first priority for our property managers—that’s the whole purpose of hiring a snow contractor, to make sure the grounds do not pose a hazard during inclement weather. That’s why the type of salt used on your property matters.

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3 Top Commercial Snow Removal Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Posted by Kim Riebel on Nov 18, 2014 6:21:36 PM

Snow and ice removal may seem like a simple service. As snow piles up and ice accumulates, we shovel the space and use products to help melt the ice, particularly on surfaces that are traveled often and need to be free of the slippery surface ice creates.

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Why Winterizing Your Irrigation System is Crucial—And How We Do It

Posted by Kim Riebel on Oct 30, 2014 8:00:00 AM

You know what winters are like in Chicagoland: It gets pretty cold (think back to our record-breaking winter this past year), and those temperatures can linger for what feels like the better part of a year!

In fact, it gets so cold that the ground freezes to a certain depth after being covered in snow and ice and enduring those frigid temperatures for a period of time.

That’s why taking care of your commercial irrigation system before winter is so important.

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5 Factors That Influence The Cost Of Your Snow & Ice Management Contract

Posted by Kim Riebel on Sep 12, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Chicago winters can be harsh with heavy snow, cold winds and thick ice. Remember those 89 inches of snow Chicagoland got during the winter of 1978-1979? Too far back? How about the 33.5 inches the area received just this January, which was also Illinois’ eighth coldest month on record?

As a result, commercial property managers need snow and ice removal services throughout the winter season to keep their properties accessible. This ensures sidewalks, parking lots and business entrances are free from snow and ice during these frigid months. A distinct and well-defined path to entrances and exits warrants safe access at all times for your employees, customers, tenants and visitors.

But with some winters that seem to be mild and others bringing more snow than anyone expects, how are Chicago commercial property managers supposed to budget for their winter snow and ice removal services?

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What’s Your Snow And Ice Management Plan?

Posted by Kim Riebel on Aug 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Mother Nature is pretty tricky sometimes.

Some years, she brings us a winter so mild, we forget what heavy snow accumulation and severe sheets of ice even look and feel like. Other years, she delivers the worst weather imaginable. For instance, January 2014 was the eighth coldest on record for Illinois with below-zero temperatures that were not seen the two previous years. January was also the third worst when it came to snowfall, receiving more than 33.5 inches.

Sure, in the middle of August — when we’ve just managed to forget the past winter’s snow — it’s hard to start thinking again about what Mother Nature might bring this winter. But planning ahead for these occasions — expecting the worst, in some cases — can make a world of difference when the worst actually happens.

Yes, we’re talking about snow and ice removal. It pays for commercial property managers to have someone in their corner ready to fight Mother Nature’s worst and keep their properties accessible and running smoothly.

So, ask yourself this: What’s your snow and ice management plan? Do you have one? If not, now is the time to act!

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How Will The Harsh Winter Affect My Illinois Commercial Property Landscape?

Posted by Kim Riebel on Feb 11, 2014 5:18:00 PM

Baby, it’s cold outside.

In fact, January 2014 was the eighth coldest January on record for Illinois, with a statewide average temperature of 18.2 degrees, according to the Illinois State Climatologist. Mother Nature brought something quite often in January that had been largely absent for the past two years: below-zero temperatures.

And every single night in Chicago last month was below freezing. Brrr.

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